8 Creative Uses For Flour Sack Towels

What are flour sack towels you ask?  Well, they are large thin towels that are sold in the kitchen section of stores like Walmart.  They also can be found on Amazon.  They make great dye blanks so dye junkies like me love them.  The great part is they can be used for so many purposes! 

Except that most people who see my listings have no clue what for.   So I decided to make a list of all the ways I’ve thought up so far.  Here goes!

1. Use them in the kitchen!  Covering foods such as ferments, rising dough, or anything you want to keep bugs out of.  The towels are large enough to fit over a large bowl or container making them perfect for this use.

2.  Use to protect and prevent a mess.  For example, I use one to cover my dining room chair that the toddler booster is on.  The chair I’ve reupholstered 3 times!  That’s right…took me a few times to learn.  They make clean up easy and my dyed ones are much nicer to look at than dingy old towel I first started using. 

3.  They can be used for spills or clean up.  They work great for both countertops and the floor.  I feel like I go through so many of them between 3 kids and a dog.  Especially considering my toddler who likes to dump water on the floor for fun.  Maybe she’ll love science when she’s older. 

4.  Flour sack towels can be used for cloth diapering.  They either can be folded up and used for additional absorbancy, or they can be folded up and put on as the actual diaper with the help of a snappi or similar.  A cover would be needed for the latter though.

5.  They make lovely wall hangings.  The mandala and lotus designs I have been making demand to be gazed at.  As a doula, my first thought is how useful they would be as a focal point during births for women who seek external distractions.  A custom one could even be dyed for those who have a special color associated with programs like Hypnobirthing.  That said, I’m sure they would be interesting to look at no matter the occasion.

6.  They are perfect for creative play.  One can easily be tied on as a cape for the budding superhero.  One could be worn as a chef hat and another as an apron if pretending to cook.  The possibilities are endless, really.  Just give some to your child(dren) and sit back and watch the magic unfold!

7.  Make sack towel curtains out of them.  I got the idea for this while at an acupuncture session last night.  The midwife/practitioner who picked three of my recent pieces said she was going to do this.  Since the edges are finished, they would simply need to be sewn together and a pocket hem created for a rod/poll to be threaded through.  Oh so lovely!

8.  Make a pillow out of a pair of them.  This would require basic sewing skills, but the outcome would be oh so amazing.  If made out of my
dyed ones, the pillow would be one of a kind!

Flour sack towels really are so versatile, and the list is not limited to the above.  If you have a different purpose you use them for, please share in the comments!!

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