8 Creative Uses For Flour Sack Towels

What are flour sack towels you ask?  Well, they are large thin towels that are sold in the kitchen section of stores like Walmart.  They also can be found on Amazon.  They make great dye blanks so dye junkies like me love them.  The great part is they can be used for so many purposes! 

Except that most people who see my listings have no clue what for.   So I decided to make a list of all the ways I’ve thought up so far.  Here goes!

1. Use them in the kitchen!  Covering foods such as ferments, rising dough, or anything you want to keep bugs Read More >>

Colored Rice

This is super easy and what kid wouldn’t love it.  I got the idea from a friend a while back, and have finally gotten around to trying it.

First decide how many colors you want to make.  We were limited on rice and containers so we were only able to make three different colors; reddish orange, purple and green.   Put 1-2 cups of white rice in each container.  Then add the food coloring as desired, put lid back on back on and shake until the the color is absorbed evenly in the rice.  My kids loved this part.  I let it air dry, but the rice can also be put the oven at 250 degrees for 15-20 minutes to speed up the process.  Make sure it is cool before letting the kids play with it.
Waiting for it to dry:

Here are my kids

Fun with Playsilks

The imaginative play possibilities with dyed playsilks are endless.  They can serve as the grassy floor of a forest or expansive blue ocean.  They can aid a super hero as a cape or be used as a princess veil.  They can be waved in the air or used as a blanket.  You get the idea 😉

For Christmas two years ago I had purchased some smaller playsilks from Beneath the Rowan Tree on Etsy.  They were nice and affordable, but limited as far as imaginative play goes. 

A couple months ago I got the idea from The Read More >>

New Play Kitchen!

Well used.  Still, new to us!

I’ve been wanting to get one for the kids for a while now.  I’ve kept my eye on Craigslist, and finally a week ago one popped up.  It was handcrafted in Maine by Elves and Angels.  Never heard of the brand, but the workmanship is beautiful. 

It has a stove top with burners and a sink.  The sink basin doubles as a mixing bowl.  The opening below can be used as an oven or pantry.  The knobs turn making it all the more fun. 😀

Here are some pictures of my daughter using it… 

  Some soft play fruit & veggies I picked up from IKEA months ago. The banana peels, and the lettuce leaves come off.  So neat!   Wood bowls, utensils, fruit/veggies, meat and dairy pieces that the play kitchen came with.   T is wearing one of two hand made aprons that were also included.  

I think this is just as exciting