8 Creative Uses For Flour Sack Towels

What are flour sack towels you ask?  Well, they are large thin towels that are sold in the kitchen section of stores like Walmart.  They also can be found on Amazon.  They make great dye blanks so dye junkies like me love them.  The great part is they can be used for so many purposes! 

Except that most people who see my listings have no clue what for.   So I decided to make a list of all the ways I’ve thought up so far.  Here goes!

1. Use them in the kitchen!  Covering foods such as ferments, rising dough, or anything you want to keep bugs Read More >>

Giveaway Time!

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As promised, I’m hosting a giveaway.  Win one of these lovely galaxy dyed linen doll ring slings with hand painted stars.  Your choice of red or blue rings.

To enter to win, check out the nifty Rafflecopter widget below which will start accepting entries after midnight tonight.

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300 Fan Giveaway!

Nurturing Notion’s Facebook page as reached 300 fans!  As promised, I’m hosting a giveaway.

Up for grabs is an Orange PUL One Size Diaper Cover with Gussets.  It has yellow fold over elastic and yellow snaps against bold orange fabric.  

It’s a personal favorite of mine, but if the style or cloth diapering is not your thing we can work out a different prize valued at the same value ($16) or less after the raffle is through.  It must come from my shop, of course.  Read More >>

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Product offering: custom slings, wraps and carriers

If you would like to order a custom made sling or wrap from me then please read on.  In fact, you may want to bookmark this page so you can come back to it at a later time. Due to the fact that I am just starting out and can not afford to carry liability insurance I have to be extremely careful who I sell baby carriers and wraps to, hence why I took my listings off of Etsy.  If you are okay with the fact that I do not carry insurance, and still want to purchase a custom made baby carrier from me then the next step is figuring out where you are on the babywearing learning curve.  If you are a seasoned babywearer then you won’t need much guidance on how to do it properly.  If you are new to babywearing then I will want to either consult with you in person, or send you links and discuss further what you are learning from the resources I send to you.  If you are okay with all that then here are the details as to what I offer: =&0=& I ♥ ring slings!  They make great baby carriers as well as blankets, nursing covers, and laundry holders (as I discovered while on vacation).  There are a variety of holds possible with the chest-to-chest and hip carry being my favorite.  The chest to chest is great for infants as it gives mom or dad full view of baby’s face yet is still comfortable enough for baby to doze off.  The hip carry is perfect for older babies who like to stretch their legs out.  Slings can be used for infants as well as toddlers.  The optimal carry will depend on where your baby is developmentally as well as your own comfort level.    Handloomed ring sling:  $50 + shipping This ring sling is made from hard to find hand woven fabric.  It is 45 inches wide and is sturdy yet breathable so your baby will stay cool.  The fabric slides easily through the rings making it easy to adjust the size.   Sizes: Small: 72’’ Medium: 78’’ Large: 84’’=&1=& Mei Tai’s originated in Asia as a simple square design with four parallel straps to secure the baby in place.  My reversible Mei Tai wrap consists of three panels. The first two panels are made from a sturdy home decorating fabric while the third is an espresso cuddle fabric. The unpadded straps are attached to the inner panel with a triple stitch rectangle with two more triple stitch lines x-ing through the box for added security. Cool Stripe Mei Tai with twill (bottom weight) straps- $45 + shipping   =&2=& I make my wraps from the same hard to find hand woven fabric featured above.  The fabric is sturdy yet breathable so baby stays cool.  Rebozo (short wrap) w/out fringe – $50 + shipping with fringe – $60 + shipping
The Rebozo wrap originates in Mexico where it is used as a garment, baby carrier and a means to carry products home from the market.  They also are used by midwives to reposition babies from a posterior position to anterior one.  The price above will get you a basic wrap that is approx 3 yards long and 30 inches wide.  Wider wraps are available upon request.  I cut the fabric into a parallelogram shape and serge the edges.

For a more authentic look, fringes can be requested (as pictured), but will cost an additional $10 due to the amount of time it takes to pull 9 inches of weft thread out and tie off the remaining warp threads.  For this style wrap, the railings will be hemmed, and two supporting stitches will be added to each end to prevent the frayed area from receding into the wrap.

Long wrap – $50 + shipping

The babywearing possibilities are endless with this long piece of fabric!

The design of this wrap is similar to the above basic short wrap, only the width and length vary slightly.  The max width available, for the price listed, is 23 inches.  I can make it wider for an additional cost since anything wider will prevent me from being able to make an additional wrap.  Standard length is 5 yards long, but longer (or shorter) wraps can be requested.      Fabric for wraps and ring slings: Blue – 8 yards available Green – 6 yards available*I also have a little over 5 yards (22” wide) available for a long wrap Yellow – 5 yards available

Purple – 9 yards available

Yellow – 6 yards x 23inches; (3) cuts 3 yards x 46 inches

Prices for custom orders will vary depending on final Read More >>