Question Everything

One thing that I have come to learn as I journey through motherhood is that as parents, it is critical that we question everything.   Lately, I have been thinking about some of the common held beliefs that often go unquestioned.  One being that the advent of hospitals saved women and babies from childbirth.  ACOG perpetuates this notion with all their campaigning against home births.  The other claim is that vaccines eradicated deadly diseases.  The CDC has this one on their website most likely to reassure worried parents.  I have found that neither one of these claims tells the entire story.   My recent reading into the history of childbirth has concreted my beliefs that birth is not the risky venture that ACOG makes it out to be.  Many of complications that occurred during childbirth were and remain to be caused by man.

When women started using doctors as opposed to midwives, birth experienced some hiccups as most doctors had never even attended a live birth.  In addition, doctors tended to interfere more with the process which was dangerous considering the poor living conditions and hygiene practices.  Women who opted to have their babies at institutions often were forced to share beds with other women while rats crawled on the floor below them.  Male doctors would do frequent internal exams, often right after working on cadavers of women that had died from childbed fever.  Nurses were Read More >>