Colored Rice

This is super easy and what kid wouldn’t love it.  I got the idea from a friend a while back, and have finally gotten around to trying it.

First decide how many colors you want to make.  We were limited on rice and containers so we were only able to make three different colors; reddish orange, purple and green.  
Put 1-2 cups of white rice in each container.  Then add the food coloring as desired, put lid back on back on and shake until the the color is absorbed evenly in the rice.  My kids loved this part. 
I let it air dry, but the rice can also be put the oven at 250 degrees for 15-20 minutes to speed up the process.  Make sure it is cool before letting the kids play with it.

Waiting for it to dry:
Here are my kids enjoying the rice after it dried:

…and the mess after an hour or two of play:

This project was totally fun.  We will be repeating it again despite the mess you see above.  Though I’ll probably be smarter about it, and set them up out on the porch.  ­čśë 

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