Community Blessingway

This past weekend I attended a community Blessingway put on by Gelena Hinkley of Peaceful Pregnancy Pathways ~P3.  I wasn’t sure what to expect since I know a gathering of this type isn’t easy to put together.  Especially since Gelena was relying on the community to donate resources, which takes time and effort to seek out and coordinate.

The setting took place in Gelena’s backyard.  She formed a circle with bales of hay and chairs, topped with trinkets and papers for the expecting mothers to keep.  In front of the seats of the expecting mothers were tubs filled with water, bath salts, & flowers for us to soak our feet in. 

My good friend, doula, and massage therapist, Doula Quackenbush, was there giving foot massages to all the mothers.  What a treat that was!

  Photos taken by Keiki Torres of EKTPhotography
Candles were handed out and lit for well wishes, birth stories were shared, beaded bracelets infused with good intentions for our upcoming births were created. 
Photos taken by Keiki Torres of EKTPhotography
One part that I thought was extra neat was when Gelena read a write up, shared by Maria, on how the drum is connected to pregnancy and birth.   
“The Drum represents the “Universal” Heart Beat of Mother Earth. Grandparents say when an unborn child is developing, the first thing they hear is the heartbeat of the mother. The round form of the Drum represents the Circle of Life and the whole Universe. The Drum also represents the womb and the stick is the male energy, so play the drum is a way to “make love” with the Universe. Beating the drum is also a way of carrying songs and prayers to the Creator and healing the sick. This healing rhythm that we hear when singing or dancing, creates a sense of social and spiritual harmony, and help us to achieve a higher level of consciousness and openness. The space of our mind is cleared of thoughts that chat about worries, and we connect with our Creative Force, we awaken our Interior Power”  -shared by Maria Elena Penadés of Childbirth Services Inc.
Maria then led everyone in a song blessing each mother individually.  Fears were written down and thrown into the flame via a pitchfork.  All while drums were playing in the background which made for a neat ambiance. 
  Photos taken by Keiki Torres of EKTPhotography
Even goodies were handed out at the end.  Belly salves, bath salts, and other goodies that are very practical and useful for pregnancy and postpartum.   The community really came through which was really nice!
Every mother was sent home with a write up titled, “Transitioning Into a New Paradigm of Birth“.  I read it when I got home and was super encouraged at what I read.  There was one particular part that stuck out to me given my own revelations.  In addition to my heightened perceptiveness, I had quite a few old hurts come up this particular pregnancy.  It occurred to me that perhaps the sensitivity we experience during pregnancy has a purpose.  That the old hurts and our increased awareness to what is going on around us is a gift, rather than the curse it is often treated as.  
Here’s the part that resonated deeply with me…

The hormones essential in pregnancy encourage a woman to become more sensitive, aware and perceptive. Anything not in alignment with her deepest truth can surface and within these heightened moments it is vital that she feel and express whatever arises during this time, rather than suppressing or dismissing these sensitivities as merely ‘hormones’. More so, these powerful emotions are windows to deeper healing, giving access to any unresolved issues and subconscious blocks prior to birth. By honoring these emotions and supporting a woman to connect within, she can feel and release unresolved emotions, enabling her to access her intuition, her body wisdom, so she can enter the sacred spiral of birth as a clear channel for this energy to flow freely through and emerge transformed into motherhood.”  
That section pretty much confirmed what I have been experiencing this pregnancy and questioning.  It was such a treat to read it coming from a different source!  I have to say that I’m so glad that I made this connection, since I believe it will help me serve women with more understanding and support in this area.

All in all it was a very relaxing & insightful event!  It was nice to be pampered, but more so it was such a treat to be able to leave the event better prepared for my own birth mentally, physically, & spiritually.  I’m so thankful that Gelena and those who helped put the time in effort in to coordinate.  It was a wonderful gift to the community she serves. 

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