Dye Services


November 2013 I took the plunge and ice dyed my Ergo Baby Carrier. From there I started dyeing wraps/slings and also hosting dye events. As I became more experienced and found my preferred dye techniques it morphed into offering one on one support for those interested in creating their own wearable dye art too. Birthday parties followed soon after.

Below are some ideas of the services I offer. Though it’s not limited to what I list. Contact me if you have an idea that doesn’t fit what I’ve outlined…

Group Class – Small, intimate group gathering (4-6 people) where I show how to manage/tie fabric to produce different effects. My areas of expertise are mandalas, lotus flowers, galaxy, pleats, in addition to other general tie techniques. Rate starts at $20 per person. Price includes dye, supplies, and a flour sack towel to practice on.

Group Dyeing – aka “Dye Days” is where it all started! It’s where 8-10 people come together to dye their personal items. I provide the dye and supplies. Price is $3 per item if support is not needed. $10 for the first item if a person would like a mini lesson or refresher on how to fold a certain technique.

Private Parties – Includes 3 hours of dyeing fun. Price per person is $12-20 depending on number or participants and whether I provide the shirts or not. I bring my dye stash and supplies, and assist with basics of tie dye or ice dye. Contact me for a more info and a firm quote.

Custom Items – Custom requests are at my discretion. Please feel free to email or message me through Facebook to discuss pricing and to see if I can bring your vision to life.