Fun with Playsilks

The imaginative play possibilities with dyed playsilks are endless.  They can serve as the grassy floor of a forest or expansive blue ocean.  They can aid a super hero as a cape or be used as a princess veil.  They can be waved in the air or used as a blanket.  You get the idea ­čśë

For Christmas two years ago I had purchased some smaller playsilks from Beneath the Rowan Tree on Etsy.  They were nice and affordable, but limited as far as imaginative play goes. 

A couple months ago I got the idea from The Artful Parent to dye some larger playsilks of my own with Kool-Aid.  She got the idea from a blog that got the idea from another blog.  See how this works?

I went ahead and purchased some playsilks through Dharma Trading Co., and picked up three packets of Kool-Aid for each color.  The following pictures document what happened next… 

 Letting the colors set after microwaving

Waiting for them to dry

Action shots….

We’ve had so much fun with these play silks since.  They are our go to item when the kids begin to get tired of their other toys.

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