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The following birth story is written by a friend I supported last September.  Her story includes the birth of her first child since it sets the tone for the VBAC of her second child.  This woman is both powerful and amazing.  I hope you enjoy her journey as much as I enjoyed witnessing it.  🙂

I had my first son in 2006. I planned an all natural birth with no meds in the hospital. I wasn’t thrilled with my doctor because he wouldn’t listen to my concerns when I told him my baby was not in position and was breeched. He took me as young and dumb or so I felt that way.

My due date was July 19th. I went to the doctor that day. Told him the baby isn’t in position and can we do something to change it fast or bring me in the hospital now because I am over pregnancy and hot and uncomfortable (baby head in ribs) and I am done! Lol (hormones). He told me no and nothing more and sent me on my way.

On July 21st I went to a little party and hung out and talked with friends. I thought I would be pregnant forever so I didn’t think I needed to rest. On July 22nd at 12:20 in the afternoon my water broke from my husband tickling me and being silly. I felt great with no contractions and super excited. I went to the hospital around 2. I started having irregular contractions that were strong and when last checked for dilation I was at 6cm. The nurse said “I think I feel a butt crack” when checking me. Brought in the sonogram machine and saw he was breeched…. Big surprise!!!!

I was wheeled off right away to c section. I even asked the doctor to let me deliver naturally breech because I was willing and he said no. My beautiful baby boy was born at 5:16 pm at 8lbs 1 oz (I’m tearing up). I didn’t get to hold him and be with him for 6 hours after. Finally at 11 pm my mom handed me my son and I got to be with him. Then when finally being with him my mother and husband then informed me that the doctor had cut his back and they had butterflied his cut. It was about 2 inches long (still has a scar) the doctor didn’t even have the decency to tell me.

The following day the doctor came in my room and said “wasn’t that bad, right” I looked at him and said “yes, you didn’t listen to me when I told you he was breech and now I had to have a c section when I wanted natural and you cut him!” He just walked out the room….. For years I struggled with the fact that I had a c section. I didn’t feel whole and less of a mother. I couldn’t watch a movie or a show with birthing babies in it without crying. I didn’t get over the c section till I got pregnant with my next baby 5 years later……..

When my husband and I started trying for my second son, I started watching documentaries on birth and did my research on VBAC’s. I knew I wouldn’t go any other way. When I got pregnant with my son I went to a doctor who had a wonderful history of successful VBAC’s and he also delivered breeched babies! He made me feel so confident the whole pregnancy that he wouldn’t turn on me and send me for c section. He even let me go past my due date. I was due September 17th. I went to the doctor September 19th and the doctor told me he would schedule me to be induced that weekend.

Friday he called in the afternoon to tell me to go in that night at midnight to be induced. They put me on pitocin at 2 am. I had contractions every 2 -3 minutes. On a side note I had contractions ever 2-3 minutes constantly for 3 weeks till I was induced. I even was put in the hospital and nothing progressed so I was sent home and still ended up being induced.

By 11 am the doctor came in and checked me. I was only 3-4 cm. He broke my water and I started contracting hard. Pitocin contractions and natural contractions definitely are different. I was so tense from the pain that I still was having a hard time dilating. It was suggested to take the epidural to help relax me so I can open and not end up with a c section but at this point my time was being crunched. I got the epidural and sure enough in an hour and a half I was from 4 cm to 10!

My doula Lorel was with me every step of the way in pregnancy and birth. She gave me the encouragement to not give in and stick to natural birth. She was helping me relax and stick to plan. When it came to pushing the epidural was off and I felt the pushing part the last 30-45 minutes. I pushed for 1 hour and a ½. Baby was having a hard time coming so I got an episiotomy which then tore all the way down.

My 2nd beautiful baby boy was born at 3:14 at also 8 lbs 1 oz! I got to breastfeed him right away and was able to have him with me the whole time in the hospital. This experience was so wonderful and so different then the last in so many ways. I wouldn’t change either birth in any way because I got to experience birthing my children 2 different ways and realize I love the both of them and feel just as motherly to both no matter how they came out. I have a strong bond with both boys regardless of how they came here.

I hope this encourages any other women who had a c section and they know they can have a VBAC and their uterus will be ok! Do not let anyone change your mind and make you feel incapable. Find a great doctor or midwife and find a full supportive and loving doula!

Thank you to my Husband who supported my decision on the VBAC and help me stick to my plans to birth naturally and breastfeed. He helped me a lot with this.

Thank you to my wonderful mother who was by my side the whole time and held my hand through labor both times.

Thank you to my wonderful friend and doula Lorel who spent many late nights talking me through everything and preparing me and helping me birth my baby VBAC.

Thank you to my wonderful doctor who never gave up.

Thank you most importantly to my baby boys who gave me the most rewarding thing in life. Being a mother to them has been the most amazing experience. I wouldn’t change anything. Mommy loves you guys infinity and beyond and beyond! 

Baby Dylen born! 9/22/2012
Baby Trent born! 7/22/2006

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